No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-31 20:47:22 (UTC)

I still cant believe it

"Just when you got used to things the way they were,
everything shifts position. Abrupt changes are shaking
things up all around you. New events throw you off balance.
It would be better to try catching up with everyone else
than to bring the whole show to a screeching halt. If you
feel uninformed, ask a coworker or boss to fill you in.
Don't worry about looking foolish -- there's no way that
you could have seen this coming. At home be careful how you
choose to communicate with family members. Keep your voice
low or you could frighten someone."

"You put these obstacles here. Don't complain. Rest your
racing, cluttered mind."

Well those two kinda go hand in hand with eachother. Yeah,
I definitly didn't see any of this coming. But there really
isn't much I can do. And if I didn't care at all, I would
be better off. I did put these obstacles here, I allowed
it. It's my fault, but I really don't see how I could help
it. Ya know? These events have thrown me off balance all
day, no doubt about that one.
I'm sure some of you are like "what the hell is going on?"
When I figure that one out, I'll let you know. But for now,
I really don't want to put it down, well what I have
figured out, simply becasue I am embarassed and I just
don't know. lol.
Tonight will be great. I am going to go trick-or-treating.
I don't care if I'm "too old." there is no such things
as "too old" with Halloween. It's really funny to see
everyone being all like "You're a Satan worshiper if you
particpate in Halloween!" Sure, it started out as a holiday
where the british envaded homes, then turned into something
satanistic, but now it's just where kids dress up and go
get candy. So all you stupid people shove it up your butt
and get over the past! Anyways, I plan to hit a few
neighborhoods with Jess....relax...lots...and relax
more...and hey...relax...and eat candy. lol. She's staying
the night with me. :D It's gunna be great. lol. We're bad
"I love you but you hurt me so, now I'm gunna pack my
things and go. Tained Love."

~New Found Glory Cover
If you haven't heard the cover for Tained Love by New found
Glory, download it or listen to it, it kicks a lot of butt.
I LOVE NEW FOUND GLORY, and Dashboard, and Nine Days, and a
lot of other bands. But with my mood lately, those three
bands have my attention.
Well, this is getting rather long, so I'm gunna shut up for