2001-08-10 04:47:24 (UTC)

summer days 1

Well i just started this thing it's pretty cool online
diary. I named my Dairy after Anne Frank's diary. Today was
a really boring day. I spent most of my time reading
because i have to have read 3-5 books during the summer!
don't u ever see when u are away from school it still seems
to always get in the way? well it does for me. I saw Rush
Hour 2 yesterday it was really funny! it was better then
the first one i thought. I can't wait for Rush Hour 3 it's
going to be in New York! Well my dad's office party thing
is going to be here on Sat. and I have to clean up my room
ahhhh it's a total mess! well i'm going to go im tired and
my stomach really hurts. Good Night:)