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2001-08-10 04:44:21 (UTC)

Catching up

What a week... Theres about 2 weeks til school starts... 8
days til registration and I feel like I am so not ready. I
love school cuz I love to be surrounded by people and be
involved in stuff, but I had so many things i wanted to get
accomplished this summer. And it just went by too quickly.
I wanted to lose weight and i did manage to lose about 15
lbs at one point... because i was anorexic... but then I
gained 5 lbs back when i rediscovered delivery pizza. So
here I am, back on my semi anorexic streak and I've lost
two lbs- which means I almost weigh what it says on my
drivers permit--haha-- i hope I get there before school
starts... less than 2 weeks- anyways~ On the next best
subject- GUYS! i met this guy named kevin who is a senior
at another school. He's pretty cute but I dont think i like
him enough to go out with him yet. Besides, I dont really
go out with people anyways. He said that he thought i was
hot and he wanted me and that all i had to do was take him-
so sweet! and right as he said that, almost like fate or
sumthin, this girl i sometimes talk to IMed me and asked
who i was. It turned out that one of her friends got on her
screen name and was trying to find girls--lol-- He is
perfect for me, and thats all that there is to it. He's a
senior at my school, but I've never seen him be4, and he
has never seen me- we gave eachother our pics- and he
thinks I am hot too- - but, of course, he tells me
that he is gunna ask out one of my good friends when she
gets back from vacation... bummer... but its not for sure
that they'll go out so- i'm still hopin! Theres another guy
my age who is really cute. He talks to me all the time when
i see him at the coffee house and online. He's definately the only
person my age- from my school that i would go for- everyone else is
just so.... wrong for me--lol-- cept maybe i'd go for my EX bf....
maybe, but i would seriously regret that. I seriously
dont know why people would think I am hot. I'm a chubby lil thang!
Geez- I'm really starting to miss Christian more and more as the days
go by, and when i think about him, or when memories flood my mind, i
can't help but almost cry....