2001-08-10 04:42:29 (UTC)

hot vs.hottie

toaday was a extremly hot day .
this mornin my mom n i went to wendys and i had a taco salad for the very first time. it was gooooood . then we took care of buisness n then went to house to home. i love that store! oh n i found my dream bed. well we went to go put our basket back n there was a basket with a mini bench connected to it so i told mi madre next we should get this basket so i can sit in it n u can push me round n this guy clerk[whos been folowing me started laughing . n my mom said now she wants to be pushed around. n he says ill push her[p.s. he was a cutie]

later on that day we went to take a lookat my senior pictures they came out gorgeous!!!!!!!!!