Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2002-10-31 16:42:08 (UTC)

You guys are always going on about how hot it is, I thought I might give it a go...

So many more things to catch up on...

And, it's Halloween today! Halloween used to be my
favorite holiday of the year. It hasn't exactly reached
the shitty commercialism of Christmas and isn't as openly
putrid as Valentine's Day. But the last couple of years,
have I actually done anything for Halloween. No. Do I
dress up? No. The one time I used to treat as something
cool is now just another day of the week. I don't know if
it's a result of growing up, growing old, or just not
having a life; but it sucks.

I still haven't heard anything back on my old Lincoln, it's
apparently still on automobile life support. I probably
don't have a chance of getting it back until sometime next
year, which really blows..."I didn't know it was possible
for something to both suck and blow at the same time". In
the meantime, well last month, I traded in my shitty truck
and Pontiac on a slightly newer vehicle, a Lincoln Mark
VIII. No, I'm not obssessed with Lincolns. Well, maybe a
little. But, it wall a really good deal, and I'm saving a
lot of money on car insurance, having gone down from three
to two vehicles.

One good thing has happened recently. I've managed to get
back in touch with an old friend from college. That's
really cool, I hate losing touch with people, and I seem to
be doing it more and more lately. I'm hoping I'll get a
chance to actually get to see sometime in the future.

Perhaps the shittiest news of all: Sci-Fi has canceled
Farscape. Peice of shit motherfuckers. One of the most
imaginative, singularly unique shows on television...I
should've known it would get axed. All the network execs
fucking care about is the almighty dollar. Sign the
petitions, save Farscape.