Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-08-10 03:55:48 (UTC)


One month- my b-day
One week short of a month- my parents 1 yr anniversery
Eleven days- my matt leaves me
One week- my daddis b-day
One day short of a week- schools out

Everything right now seems to revolve around numbers,mainly
in the form of dates. I just found thats out today. I dont
like how this is, how numbers seem to now be taking over my
life, telling when what is going to happen, it seems like
soon I will be counting down my own death! Turtle, I am
going to miss you! Today has been weird! And just to let
everyone know, that when you hang out with someone all day,
all day only lasts till 3 o'clock. Yeah, thats about all, I
dont know who I am going to talk to after eleven days, but
I guess it will be someone close to matts speciallnessity
with me, or it will just be myself!


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