Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-10-31 15:31:36 (UTC)

saints & sinners

we are who we are... right?

why do some people think, that just because
we do things, that it is entirely about them?

i mean come on.. who in thier right fucking
mind thinks that way?

how is it that just because someone thinks
something, about someone, that they can be
justified to spout off and be "holier than thou"?

fucked if I know...

I think it's time I seriously re-evaluated who
it is I associate with...

yes... an excellent idea...

time to make new friends, or for that matter
simply just change the way I go about doing

I have I found, been making the same mistakes..

"You can never go back to the person you were...
and even if you could... why would you want to"?

I haven't thought of that phrase in such a long
time... and now.. it comes, un-bidden to me
like some distant logical comclusion...


fuck you tim

fuck you and your fucking whining

fuck you and your fucking apathy

fuck you and your fucking naive bullshit

just go... fuck yourself

and while your at it...

slash up, it will make you feel better...

won't it?


forgive me for I have sinned against those
to whom the saints have bestowed thier love

damn me for my pretentiousness, and my longing
to be accepted for who I am not

love me, and maybe one day, I will find that
long untouchable feeling locked up inside...


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