Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2001-08-10 03:41:13 (UTC)

Sunshine and Other Unnatural Disasters.

This week has been so bloody hot, record highs in my area.
I feel really happy right now to be at home though. I'm
off now, Friday until Tuesday @10am. I'm supposed to go
camping but haven't made any concrete plans.


Like a sudden storm that rocks in on a sunny day. A
whirlwind of noise and ideas, full of her self and her
life. Always wanting to go to nowhere places and do nothing
things. I feel like maybe I'm just caught in the tip of the
cyclone, being ripped up and out without a second to clear
my mind.
And then she's gone. Chasing towards another's peaceful
moment. She's armed and ready to stir up some air. Maybe
someone else is having a peaceful moment that she could
thunder through.

It's like when the wind stops blowing and all is eerily
calm. I'm left with an odd feeling that she won't come
Someone else's day looked better today so she's over there.
Seems like more of his days are looking better to her and
her friends' days aren't quite as important any more.

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