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2001-08-10 03:38:01 (UTC)

I'm sick of it!

I am pretty god damn sick and tired of it! LIFE, that is!
I'm tired of her, and Matt, and everybody else sucks. They
both hang out and talk shit about me behind my back. It
feels like shit, and that's one of the big reasons I don't
want them hanging out anymore. It does kinda feel really
bad. I'm really beginning to dislike Matt again. He's just
an ass most of the time anymore. He thinks he knows sooo
much more than I do. HE is SOOOOO smart. O.k. Let's see,
WHO dropped out of school?!?! He has no job, and he sits
around with my girlfriend all day! I wish I had a best
friend. Derek is about all there is. Him and Megan. Megan
is not my problem at all. It seems like when I am having a
bad day, all I have to do is think of her, and it all goes
away. I love her very much! She is the only thing that
makes me happy. I guess I'm really scared of seeing her
with another guy! :*( I am terrified of losing her to
someone else, not Matt in particular, just anybody. I often
take for granted what I have in my Megan. I have a
beautiful, funny, loving, non self centered (unlike me)
loveable, cute, smart, girl! I really hope she is around
for a long ass time. I guessthis diary is sort of an
apology. For all the times I have mistreated her and lied
to her, so, Megan, if you read this I am truly sorry hunny!
STRAIGHT UP! I am sorry, no bullshitting, or anything else.
Just a straight up apology! I LOVE YOU HUNNY!!!

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