~The Misplaced Memories of a Dork~
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2001-08-10 03:33:28 (UTC)

After all the crap

Well sorry its been so long but a lot has been happening
and i didnt want to write anything cause i seem to jinx
myself. Ok so I totally dumped Pat, no more marriage or
anything. Josh and I are still dating or whatever but he
just had sex with Tara (his ex) a couple days ago and now
Gus says he wants to marry me. Anyways for that. Im getting
really lonely cause now I feel like i dont have that
security of somebody loving me. I want to have sex with
Josh but then it would be wrong cause i know he loves Tara.
I want to have sex with Gus but he has a girlfriend that
also happens to be my cousin haha small world. Im so bored
and hornee. I need a life! bye


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