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2001-08-10 03:06:13 (UTC)

Wat does it mean 2 be in luv?

To be in luv is to act cuddly. 2 act an strange way
toward dem. 4 tat person can go ahead n admit tat dey huv
feelings 4 this special some1. Or dey'll just sit n while
dey wait, tat person may be gone b4 they know it. if u r
truly in luv, tat person may turn out to huv the same
feelings 4 u. let dem know u for a period of time, n slowly
fed dem ur hunger 4 deir luv. despite the differences,
learn wats the same.
a couple does not need 2 love everything bothe love.
Does not need 2 b safe n unfomfortable. as long as dey luv
each other n known tat dey r's a darling couple.
u may huv a fite about capital after a little later. do
not agree for each should not use money as love. for tat
person loves u of ur love given. tat person long 4 ur luv 2.
time do go on n things change. u may huv problems n on a
decision of leavin ur love. it may hurt if u neva try to
love tat person wen dey decide to give in. it maybe so hard
if u do care n will always love him/her till the end.
Love is an markable thing. you can use millions of words
2 describe. 4 such a beautiful, and something a nasty
In my owrds, I'm glad 2 no such a thing n i hope u
understand it 2. luv is not a toy, you dont play it. u take
it n hug it n giv it mor luv 2 make it urs.
Love comes oni few times in ur life. If a special love
comes ur way, grab it. Hold on to it. Cause it huv wings n
can fly away...