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2001-08-10 02:55:44 (UTC)

Love n its price

Dear Diary,
I've seen love in action n seen wat it huv done. Love is
not all that positive. YEa some love is where 2 pepo cuddle
n mushy stuff. Well we all wish love is like tat. It can
turn realli low. The worst is rejection. I dought this guy
realli like me, but somehow im thinkin he like my friend.
Well the oni ding i can say, if u dont trust dem...u huv
not luv dem.= no one realli understands lov, tat includes
me...but i noe rejection always come somehow n wen it does,
it hurts. Wen u love someone so mcuh , u dont care as long
as u huv him/her. So wen some1 came up with tat phrase
question..."Is it worth pain to once loved o neva loved to
neva experience pain...?" It mite hurt, but i dink its
worth it!!!