2002-10-31 09:09:43 (UTC)

I am sorry!!!

I am sorry I havent wrote in this for ...a few months but
I am so damn buisy with school n stuff. I had some
problems lately. Doctors wanted to test my blood but
everything was alright, I had those strange heartbeatings
(which I dont have anymore pfew!!) and that all cos of
stress... Cos of school...I followed 6 classes but I
cancelled 3 cos I just felt like I couldnt make it... The
teachers said I WOULD but it wouldnt be alright if I did
cos then I would be sooo stressed again.. So now I only
have 3 classes... Math, Dutch and German. I dont have to
do English anymore cos I did that last year..damn easy..:P
There is someone I like..on my school...:$ so tell me, wil
I get over Zac Hanson?