Seraphic Decay
2002-10-31 08:28:57 (UTC)

The coup de grace of sociopathy

Well, it seems after several years of severe depression,
intermingled with suicidal tendencies, I've finally found
the way, or maybe just the want, to oust this mental
blemish and perhaps begin living life, not just surviving,
for the first time. About three months ago, I met the light
of my life. Cliche, no? Well, with her friendship, and
growing compassion towards me, soon to be followed by her
love, she has opened my eyes, and shown me that though life
may not be the greatest at all times, there are still those
moments which drag us through the present. I haven't quite
reached the final blow, as a matter of fact, I still see it
as a ways away, but I'm confident that given time I'll have
formulated those hopes and dreams for the future which are
so vital to a healthy life. The marriage isnt picture
perfect, in all actuality, we are going through quite a
wretched time. We both suffer from severe clinical
depression, and without the anti-depressants, the lack of
seratonin is killing us, literally. Emotions run high
strung, and the slighest breach of immaculate civility can
bring about a massive distressing onslaught of emotion. But
I feel that with patience and understanding, the two of us
can get through, around, or over any problem that just so
happens to saunter our way. Less than two weeks ago, we
started attending marital counseling, and through this
complete stranger, we hope to gain a professional
perspective on how to best deal with the goings on in our
lives. Unfortunately he is only a psychologist, so I need
to go to a separate physician to see about another
sertraline prescription. Busy busy weekend up ahead of me,
with a few new solutions in mind, Im going to give fixing
my car a shot, I do so hate riding city transportation. The
calling of physicians offices, and of course, the all
important relaxation of three days off of work. The time
draws nigh...

Till later...