Pointless Dribble
2002-10-31 06:28:21 (UTC)

A wonderful Night!

My heart has not been broken. He let me know that he cares
too! Amazingly enough. I thought when he called me aside
tonight that I would be walking away with my heart in my
hand. I figued that he would say that he staying with
her. I felt that my love was going to be in vain. But to
my surprise, it wasn't. He told me they haven't been
working for a long time. He said that I was crazy if I
didn't think he cared. He let me know that he too sees a
future with me involved. I am so happy right now.
Actually, I let him know that I haven't felt this way for a
long time. Before seeing him again, I hadn't had butterfly
since me and my ex met. (That was like over 2 1/2 years
ago.) I deserve to be happy. I know that he already makes
me happy. And I only see more happiness being with him. I
look forward to being with him. Since we remet...(I knew
him a long time ago, but we lost contact for about a year
and a half)...he has gaven me reason to get out of bed in
the morning. He is the reason that I have been having
sweet dreams. He makes me smile, laugh, and generally feel
good. I am going to do my damnest to make him realize how
special he is. I will not mess this relationship up. I
know that I will never do him wrong. I know that with
everything that I have been through, I am strong enough to
love him completely. I know love doesn't hurt, and I want
to show him that.
I wonder if thinks of me, as I do him. I'm looking
forward to going to bed tonight so I can see him again. I
never get tired of thinking of him, what could be, what
will be. I won't let nothing come between us anymore.
Long ago when we frist met my heart was someone elses...and
that got in the way. Distance made us loss contact. And
now her stands in our way. But not anymore. Nothing can
stop us for caring about us now. Funny how thing work
out. We have like eachother for so long and now we have
the chance. The song "Till nothing comes between us" by
John Michael Montgomery comes to mind. But I can't say
that to might make him vomit...he doesn't care for
My heart is still aching though. Last night it was
filled with such saddness, and now it fills like it is
going to explode with happiness. I don't know if it can
handle much more. I feel like I'm going to explode. But i
know that its a good feeling. I havent had love in such a
long time that I'm, right now, on perma-high. My room mate
said that I'm glowing like a candle. She said that she can
see that happiness flowing out of me. Thant makes me
happy. That everyone sees how happy he makes me.
Other than that it seem like today all around has been
good. They wrote a new song tonight that was awesome. It
gave me goosebumbs listening to it. I didn't want to sound
like a dork, so I didn't tell them that. IT amazing how
wonderful they are. I love listen to all of them. But
mostly I like being there spport him. He has an amazing
love for his music and I like sharing that with him. He is
just awesome all around. When he plays he is so hot. He
said tonight that he can tell that I get hot and bothered
around him. But I don't think he realizes how bad I truly
want him. Soon enough he'll know. I will make sure of that.
Sweet dreams will come tonight. I can't wait to go to
bed! I just want to think of him. Amazingly girl moments
are to come. I am so udderly happy right now!
Lots of (wonderful) Love,

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