A Cavalier Looks At 27
2002-10-31 06:20:44 (UTC)

October 30, 2002

Last night I stayed at Jenny's. What a wonderful time! I
think I said "I love you" 10 times, just to hear her say it
back to me. I do love her so much. I met her kids last
night, too. I was so nervous about that, but it was no big
deal at all. In fact, it was kind of neat. I am looking
forward to getting to know them better as me and Jenny grow
closer together. Last night, I saw her look even more
beautiful than usual. At one point I even told her that
she looked like a painting. I would love to take pictures
of her sometime. I don't mean anything naughty, but just
some great snapshots of a beautiful girl. I'm hoping to
ask her to come up to the state park and take a few of her
in nature. She is just so beautiful.

Might not be able to tell but there are things other than
Jenny going on in my life. I'm nervous about my student
teaching. I am hoping to get into my advisor on the 11th
to talk about what I need to be doing. I'm also worried
about work. Whats going to happen when Jean leaves?
Should I work with the SAP program?

Who am I kidding...I only want to talk about Jenny. She
makes me happy even when she's not around. I love her more
right now than I did 10 minutes ago. She is very special
to me, and I sure hope she realizes it.

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