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2001-08-10 02:27:08 (UTC)

who noes me best?

I once thought i was the close
to my cousin
to my friends
to all the pepo
now tat i move far from my cousins
i didnt know we would break apart
cause dey no me well
n finsh my sentences
oni say hi and a sec later...bye
i dought dey were close
like a sis o bro
tat werent annoyin
but i guess i was rong
dey just realli hate me
my frenz
dey seems so nice
dey still r n still will
helped me so mcuh
been dere 4 me
wen i dink of times
some guy i like
fill my mind
with mani doughts
donno if the love is true
donno if the love is for me
i noe tat sometimes
u can feel as thought that special guy
went to ur best fren
u can oni get ova him
by trusting him
if u just dink negative
it will just hurt u
so i dought i noe
all these pepo around me r swell
dey r quite unpredictable n sometimes rude
but i noe dey do wateva tat meant me well

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