Evergreen cypress

Silver Dust the Cypress
2002-10-31 05:15:58 (UTC)


-old age: bone resorption bone formation

-problems:1.fracture 2.pain 3.defomities

-hip is the site of the commonest osteoporotic fracture

-hip fracture would increase morbidity and mortality

-increse of hip fracture in recent yrs due to: 1.less
exercise 2.smoking 3.institutionalisation

-women are more prone to osteoporosis than men because:
1.decrease of estrogen after menopause 2.women hv smaller
bones, which means bone strength is weaker

-there are more Chinese hving vertebral fracture than

-to prevent falling: 1.improve neuromuscular function
2.avoid sedatives and unneccessary drugs 3.correct vision
4.beware of postural hypotension

-to prevent osteoporosis:1. increase calcium intake during
childhood and adulthood to 800mg/day; 2.do more weight
bearing exercise; 3.no smoking; 4.balanced diet (more
cheese, yoghurt, milk, soya product)

-who are at risk? 1.early menopause; 2.family history; 3.hv
fracture b4; 4.low body wt.(1:normal; -1to -2.5:osteopenic;