~*Diary Of A Lost Soul*~
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2002-10-31 05:00:08 (UTC)


First of all...Here's my new pics that I picked up at
wal*mart today

Went to the mall with Kylie this afternoon. There was
really nothin to do. There was nobdy there that I know.
That weird kid was there tho... that 21 year old guy... we
stalked him for a bit just cuz its funny. We mostly just
sat in the food court. I bought the new Christina Aguilera
cd. It's pretty good. At Walmart most of the halloween shit
is marked down... I got the last brain/skull candle
thingie. I got it for Jon cuz I knew he really wanted one.
I had Kylie take a picture of me holding up a sign to prove
to that idiot guy that I am not a fake. Hafta use up the
rest of my roll of film this weekend so I can get that
developed asap cuz I dont wanna deal with that guy's
bullshit anymore. I still dont know what I am doing for
halloween. Prolly nothin unless Jon goes with Cary n the
kids & I'll go back a day early and go with them...
Otherwise maybe I'll just give out candy or some shit
here.... Halloweens arent what they used to be... blah...
Well I dont know what else to say rite now so ttyl