My sO caLLeD LifE
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2001-08-10 01:50:59 (UTC)

I'm sOooOo Sick!!*

Today I was suppose to work, but I felt like crap so I
called in. Yesterday was my day off and my payday. I watched
Rush Hour 2 with Melissa. We also went to the batting cages
yesterday, it was fun. I still have some money left. I felt
sick yesterday too. Today I feel even crappier though. I
don't think that tomorrow is gonna be even better. Not much
went on today. I watched Belly and some MTV. I bought Belly
on DVD with my first paycheck yesterday. Melissa told me
that everybody blows their first pay check. So of coarse I
had to do it. Hopefully tomorrow I feel better. My throat
hurts, I have the worst headache ever, my nose has been
clogged ever since yesterday, my body feel achey and
sore...,etc. I feel like crap. I've never felt like this
On the news they're talking about cloning. I wonder if
they'll ever clone a human body. I know they will. No matter
if they decide wether it should be illegal or not, they'll
be people rich enough that will do it anyways. It's always
like that. Laws don't stop everyone. I wonder how the future
is gonna be like. I wonder if it's gonna be anything like
movie Gattaca or if it'll be anything like what they show on
the Discovery Channel or PBS about humans & space
exploration. Are we ever gonna travel to and colonize
another planet? Are we ever gonna find life out there? Are
we ever gonna find intelligent life out there? Speaking of
aliens. That reminds me of one day when I was walking my dog
and I was sure I saw something out of the ordinary up in the
sky. I don't care what anyone frickin' says. It was gray
and oval shaped, with a blue light on the left side of it.
It moved slowly to the left for a couple of seconds and then
it disappeared. It was dark that day. I never thought I'd
see anything like it. I never thought I would ever see
something like that. I've always seen people describe seeing
UFO's. I never thought I would ever see one. I mean what
else could that have been. It disappeared right in front of
me! I don't care if all those people on tv were fucking
liars. Even if I hadn't seen that too I would still believe
they existed because if they didn't exist then all that
space out there would just be a waste of space. If space is
bigger than anything the human mind can imagine than it
would just be a waste of space if it was just us. We're not
the center of the universe. I'm pretty open-minded with
a lot of ideas, but with this topic this is my strong
opinion. Well enough of that. I can go on forever with this
topic. I guess I'm gonna go now. I wonder if I'm always
gonna type this much every day. I might type more later
today because I'm sick as hell and I'm not going