le soleil et la lune
2001-08-10 01:34:04 (UTC)


first of all, Yvon is in town, and I wish she would go
ahead and leave, b/c she keeps calling me, but I don't want
to go do anything.
Today she called me, and was like, yeah, I heard you and CJ
got pretty close on the fourth of July this year, and I was
like, huh? What do you mean? She was like, I heard you
two were making out. I'm sitting here like, who in the
hell would tell her that? Turns out she saw David at the
store and he apparently invited her to some party, and she,
Carl, and David had a nice old talk before David fucked
her. And what does she consider herself again? Doesn't
she call herself my best friend? Then why the hell would
she go and do that. I mean, I don't care what he does, and
quite frankly I don't care what she does, but do I really
have to be informed of it?