Nick's Journal
2002-10-31 04:14:32 (UTC)

Shut up about religion

I swear to god (no ummmmm pun? intended) if one more
person raves to me about the stupidity of organized
religion they're gonna get a 187 pulled on them (i don't
know what that means but snoops says it.). what the fuck
is wrong with organized religion? the problem is with the
people "using" it. i'm talking about those that cover up
their heinous crimes with religion (islam). if we start
hating the religions for the people that misuse them then
we're just a bunch of ignorant fucks. see.
religion was created (in my opinion) for the purpose of
support. religion and the belief in a higher being is
there for us to get along when we've shit our pants in
class, and pray to god that we don't get called to the
religion is there to support us. which is why i hate it
when people say "you're only religious when you need it"
no fucking shit dude. that's what it is!!! it is there
for you to find help, guidance, and love. it is not there
for you to go apefaggot and blow away 50 people and say
that "god wanted it". religion was not established to
provoke the deaths of others, and any religions that are,
are just cloaking themselves in false semiotical
religion as i see it is the crutch for those that need it,
and everyone needs a crutch in their life...cept for rosie
o'donnel she needs a fucking crane. but anyhow. stop
getting all up in religion's grill. as long as stupid
fucks don't abuse it, i'm down with it. i'd rather you
get pissed about those people that corrupt religion.
i always hear "christianity and the holy wars". people
kinda fuck that shit up. it's not the concept of religion
that spurred these wars. it was a bunch of deranged
people that needed a feeling of importance, using a
religious doctrine to propogate their believes. to give
them some credibility. it goes along the lines of "guns
don't kill people, people kill people."
so cut religion some slack. and don't be that faggot that
says "i hate arguing religious people cos they're so
stupid." you konw what? you're a fucking moron. because
you're generalizing those that "aren't as strong as you"?
is that it? i know that's how most people view religious
people. the weak that need a crutch of inspiration.
nevermind that you are the same people that fall for any
fucking doctrine of politics that seems to be accepted by
your fellow 'crusaders'. don't think too highly or self-
righteously about yourself. you'll protest and cry about
what happens in third world countries, but i don't see you
all flying over there.......i do see missionaries doing
it....oh yeah that's right, they're still evil cos they're
converting people. maybe next time you idiots get online
to formulate another stupid protest maybe you can go to and do something worthwhile. (i know it's
a hippie site.......that's why i'm a hypocrite :-) )