Nick's Journal
2002-10-31 04:02:15 (UTC)

Morality and Human Rights

I'm taking a class called ethics and morality or something
like that, and basically we're dictating what is moral or
in other words whta defines a moral human being.
aside from that boring shit we learn about who has human
rights, and so forth. most hippies get their dreds all in
a bunch if you so much as mention that not every god damn
organic piece of shit on this earth deserves to be treated
like jesus christ himself. "we're all equal" waaaaaaah.
shut the fucking hell up guys.
we're all equal? what's that bullshit? i'm not saying
that we shoudl look down on each other, but it's a
ridiculous assumption that everyone is equal. first of
all one has to fit the descriptions of a human (read my
textbook for that), and by this definition a cluster of
cells that will eventually become a child is not a human.
just like a potential 20 year old is not a 21 year old
now "human rights" is a big ass misnomer. we're
guaranteed the rights until we forfeit them by being a
dumbass. well not so much that we forfeit them, but we no
longer have the right to invoke them.
for example. the butch dyke in my class has forfeited her
womanhood through denial of her gender roles.
what is up with these girls anyhow? why are they so
hateful? i mean this girl is so imbittered about
everything (especially male everythings). i see her and
she looks like a ball of hate. all she does is complain
about how downtrodden she is, jesus it's horrible, why
can't you just lighten up and realize the oppurtunities
you have, and maybe work for those you don't, instead of
while i'm on the subject of bitching.......whoa i just
lost my train of thought.