Nick's Journal
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2002-10-31 03:52:29 (UTC)

What is Darkness?

What is darkness? i mean we know what causes it and so on,
but we don't know what it is. most people really just say,
who the hell gives a shit anyhow? but i was just
wondering. moreover......why are we afraid of the dark?
what's wrong with it? because it's the unknown?
i lvoe the dark. i love the moon.
the dark is so fascinating, and you know what? at times
i'm seriously afraid of it, and at others i just gasp in
wonder. darkness is what soothes's what we go
to sleep to, and it's what we cloak ourselves in when we
don't want to be seen. it's very literally our
escape "thief escaping into the night".
aside from that. what is darkness.....or alternatively,
what is it that we do not see?
it's everything we need to see. the continuation of this
world is sustained through what we do not see, and do not
want to see. as we are afraid of what comes in the future
we are afraid of what we do not know and cannot clearly
define.......something we can't "shed light on". yet the
darkness....that which we do not see is our gateway to
imagine everything that is dark in outerspace is really
just an embodiment of an object that we can not sense.
the realization of alterior definitions of long-held
concepts isn't something that is really accepted. i don't
think we'll ever see what is the other side. but as an
analogy i'm sure you've seen those pictuers, where you can
see two different things. like an old woman or a young
woman.....a table or two faces. that's what it woudl be
like. that which is not there comes to be through a
juxtaposition of our senses.....not our sense our
we'd unlock something completely new and stumble into it.
how could dimensions open up (hey stephen hawkings says
they're around :-)). just because that which we do not
see still exists and we can slip into their realities
through the correct perceptions.
and if we don't do that maybe we can all just take 50 hits
of acid and sing kumbiya as the martians come and take us
back to their planet.

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