my so called life
2001-08-10 00:50:18 (UTC)

why am I like this???????

UUUGHHHH!!!!! I feel so stupid. I hate the fact that HE has
such a impact on my life. Why do I sit around waiting for
him to call. And why does he only call when I'm at work. I
miss him and I want to see him, but I don't think he feels
the same way. GOD! This is really really retarded of me. I
should just forget about him. If he wants to see me, he'll
call. I think. That's the thing... when we're together he's
so cool, but then he doesn't call for a long time. It's
like I'm his little play thing. There to give him blow jobs
when he wants them. I hate him. I hate myself for acting so
stupid over him. I think I hate him more though! CALL ME!!!