Teenage Politics
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2002-10-31 03:28:56 (UTC)


Man tonight rocked my world. Start off......we're right
smack in the middle of Oliver auditions AND dracula's
halfway production point. We perform two more times and
we're done. So far we've rocked the socks off people who've
seen it! Im like YAY! Im so proud to be a part of our crew.
I did okay at auditions today...sang MUCH better than
before. I was pretty happy with it. Wish I coulda read more
tho. I wish I had time to talk to Timmy today....but I
didnt. I havent been able to call him in a week because the
phone lines out here got water zapped. After Oliver
auditions......we had Dracula practice...and GOD it was so
much fun. We made it a spoof. It was quite possibly the
best performance YET! lol. Tons of goofing off.Me and the
janitor dude....boy-ee we almost had it out today. He's
like....lock happy..I swear. HE's following us locking
doors behind us. I almost missed a scene because of him! It
was like...I saw him as he saw me..opposite ends of the
hallway....and we glared at each other....like in an old
western...and then we both took off for the door. MAybe he
was a little closer than I was cus he got there first, shut
it, and locked it. I couldnt get out!!! I was beating on
the door cussing him out in spanish as best I could. But it
didnt seem to help much. I finally got another guy to open
the door for me. DAmn janitor. LOL later I saw him in the
hall..and I got him back...tee hee...he was LAUGHING Tho!!
he laughed at his mean move! grrr.....lol. Timmy is coming
in SATURDAY!! Im so happy. I cant wait until they lose the
playoff game so he will be done with all this stupid
bullshit and I can see him more often! You know how tired
of that crap I am????? Just a little more. THEN IM DONE!
THEN HES DONE! Finally!!!!! LOL. Jessica wrecked her car
after we got that damn speeding/insurance ticket
Saturday....but she's getting a new car so it's gravyness.
My classes still rock. I gotta go Im so tired...until next