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2001-08-10 00:13:25 (UTC)

8/9/01 My Story

I fear so for my life. Do you wish to know why? Of course
you do. Or perhaps you do not. One cannot possibly surmise
what it is that humans think, seeing as how, I have so very
little of human nature in myself.
I sound strange, do I not? Rambling, like a crazed creature
from depths of inky lagoons unknown, unexplored. Wouldn't
you like to know why I write such curious things that become
all the more curiouser? Ah, well. Perhaps I will allow you
to know my little secret. My skeleton in the closet. I
chuckle at that. Skeleton in the closet. Once I've told
you my story, you'll understand exactly why that phrase
becomes such a disgusting pun. Onward. I will now spin my
story. Can one call what I am to talk of a story? Perhaps
an autobiography? An exerpt of the autobiography? Well,
why don't I just stay with story? My present day story that
is. Or, in a strange little way, my statistics. I am a
very slight, delicate creature. I understand that I am
beautiful, and the knowledge that I possess such beauty does
nothing to make me any more joyful. I am stronger than I
look. I am able to push five hundred pounds with my feet
and I am able to hold three hundred pounds easily with both
hands. If you do not believe what little information I have
dispensed, I would that you leave. I have no wish for such
unwanted cynicism! Why should I warrant your scorn as you
read? I have no desire for that! However, if you do
believe, then, please continue. I would not say that I am
more intelligent than the average human, but I have the
ability to learn subjects with more haste. For example, a
language that might take you years to master, I am able to
learn in a matter of months. I-damnation! I did not expect
them here so soon! I bid you adieu! Please excuse my hasty
good-bye! I shall return to tell you the rest of my
story...but for now, hide I must!


Note: This is a fictional diary. This isn't real, of
course. I just plan to make my diary into a matter of
fiction to experiment with alternative writing styles. I am
a writer of only 14 and I want to see how well I can manage
a journal/diary type of story.

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