One hell of a life
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2002-10-31 02:24:42 (UTC)

10-31-02 entry eight

Happy Halloween!! Okay well I'm at school in study
class...not really studying...Mom came back from Paris and
she brought me some magazines...finally, more posters.

I dunno exactly when we're moving, but it will be soon,
definitely by the end of November. I'm so damn excited! I
can't wait...anyway, my room is going good.

The other day I was sitting at lunch outside with lois,
watching the guys kick around a soccer ball, and Patrick
came up and asked for some crisps. I said yeah and he
apologized for being an ass. So I said okay. Then he stuck
out his hand and I took it and we shook hands. Pathetic I
know but shut up! At least it's all behind now anyway.

This Saturday Mom's taking me to Lane Crawford, to get a
perm. I'm gonna get my hair in soft waves, and it's gonna
be permanent. I hope it turns out well. On Friday, Lo and I
might go to HuaTing to buy some new clothes, or to
GrandGateway, OR to PeopleSquare. I think probably HuaTing.

Okay, enough for now...ciao. Happy Halloween. Again.

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