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2001-08-10 00:09:18 (UTC)


Hello.. Today... Was Just Another Day Well Sorta.. We Had a
Tornado and Thunderstorm Warning.. And As Usual I Freaked
Out..but Luckily No Tornado Hit.. At The
Listening To Alicia Keys Falling.. Which Happens To Be My
Fav Song at The Moment.. MY Mood of The Day is.. iffy..
Kinda Happy.. yet..Confused.. dont What.. i
Love Justin Sooo Much And More And More Everyday... it'd
Kill Me if we Broke Up..He Means ALot Too ME...Anyways..I Wonder Is
Up.. Ahead For Me.. Tonight.. Who Shall i Talk To This Lovely Evening
Who Knows? Ahhh.. Maybe BRe? or Wal.. idk! someone HOPEFULLY.. bc i
like to talk ~ hehe...There Will be a Better Entry Tomorrow w/ bRe's
Help! hehe Buhbyez for now !