Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
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2001-08-09 23:44:21 (UTC)

cajun lemon poppyseed muffins...

My words of wisdom for the day: never put muffins in the
oven and then go outside to help do chores. You will not
get back in the 15 minutes of their cooking time! Trust
me, I did this today. And, I don't think they have the
concept of "cajun muffins" in Venezuala cuz when I talked
to Patricia (Pablo's girlfriend) she seemed confused. Oh
well. I feel a bit better today. I can be up for long
periods of time and only have to curl into a ball for a few
minutes. I'm eating normal foods, and haven't touched that
gross Gatorade stuff since yesterday. Right now I'm having
a bit of a dizzy spell with sudden chills about every 20
seconds, but...sorry, I won't whine anymore! :) I'm sure
the few people that read this are sick of it, but it's my
diary so too bad.

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