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2002-10-31 01:22:34 (UTC)

October 30, 2002 4:52PM (Wednesday)

I'm talking to Elizabeth right now about how when I get
married I'm gonna tie my husband up and steal his credit
card to go shopping. I hope I marry someone who can take a
joke. I'm about to go to the pot luck at Nancy's house but
first I gotta go see if Jeremy wants to come. I think
Jeremy is a nice guy and a good dad. I don't really know
him that well yet but it seems like he's trying really hard
to do whats best for his kid's. They seem happy too. I
can't believe he's raising his two kid's all on his own
with no little to no support from his wife. It's all good
though. Hopefully he'll start getting in to church and
stuff. I gots to go.