Jan's Life
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2002-10-31 00:55:21 (UTC)

~*~ HiGh ScHoOl ~*~

Hey... It's been 2 months into High school! It's alright..
I just wish I was alittle more friendly and outoging.
Everyone thinks I'm a snob! Really I'm not... Oh yah... I
guess I dont like it as much a s I should because it's
like.. torture? I see tyler in the halls and he is SOOOOO
fine! I wish I could be with him again.. I keep havin
dreams of the days when we were together. I was so happy.
It just scares me he doesnt feel the same way. I dunno if
he really loved me like he said he did... I really do love
him tho. I cant take it. It seemed like we'd work at the
beginning.. but now it seems farther and farther away from
us goin back out. We dont even talk at school. Well... I
need to open up and talk! I'm so frustrated with myself...
NEwayz... I hate brittney kozubek.. shes such a bitch.
She has the biggest mouth and I hope she gets ripped on sum
day. Well I hafta go... oh yah... I think Im over luke..
hes still really hott... but him and whitney are like
perfect together. Okay well ttyl bye!

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