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2001-08-09 23:18:36 (UTC)

I Should Have Stayed Away...


*Sigh, Sigh* Life sucks. Really. It does. I just got back from vacation - it was not very cool, but was ok - and my life is back where I left it. Well, basically. I always hold out on a hope that life will get better while I'm gone. It never does. My mom and dad have obviously been fighting all week, it's bloody hot, and my mom forgot to turn in an order form for me while I was gone! All I said was "Hey, Mom? Did you turn in that shirt order form today like I asked you to?" and she cried. She fucking cried! Now, my mom is an emotional person, and usually I can handle it. But not today! I was stressed out from my trip back and was just ready to be home and I ask a simple question and she freaks out like I had done something wrong. Um, no! It makes me feel terrible that a) she's so distraught that a question makes her cry, b) I'm so insensitive as to be MAD at her for crying, and c) she can make me feel guilty for COMING HOME! Now, Diary, I implore you, would you say that I deserved to feel guilty? That I deserved such a homecoming? I think not. I would have been better off if the boat on the way to the island had wrecked and left me in Lake Erie. God almighty! Ah, well. What the hell, eh? I've been in such positions before and always came out alive and I will again. So, adieu, mon ami, adieu. And a short farewell to my possible readers.

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