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2002-10-31 00:19:23 (UTC)


I had a visitor this weekend. Matt was over at andy's so we
all got to hang out it was so much fun! I miss him already!
lol. Anywayz I've been sick all week (since sunday night)
and I feel bad cuz I might have gotten matt sick but I
don't know yet. i think I'm honestly like truely in love
with matt so andy's gonna find out if he loves me too! I'm
kinda nervous bout that. I'm gonna see the ring probably on
friday and am goin out with my friends tommorrow! It's all
good. Nurse Barbie all the way! Kinda just been having
those blah days lately and it doesn't help that I'm sick.
(really bad cold!) I got my hair cut and it's really short.
I like it though!!!! No one knows about it yet I'll have to
see what they'll say tommorrow at school!!!! Lata dayz