in deep sh*t
2001-08-09 22:32:32 (UTC)

second entry

The next time, I met him at the same place~ like 2 weeks
later. He came up to me and says 'Hi" he was sorry if he
came on too strong last time. He wasn't feeling too hot.

He looked at me in his frank way.
"Just go out with me once ok..thats all I ask. If you don't
like me I'll understand."

So I found myself saying 'OK yes, I'll do that.'
He smiled and his face lit up. "How's tomorrow."
"What time?"
"Six is good."
"Ok` meet me at the Coor Cafe-know where it is?'

So I go there and I was late coz some asshole wouldn't
leave me alone till I told him I aws married. He goes 'I am
too. We could be soo good for each other.' I really
REALLLLLY hate people who do that.

ohh I've to go