Mysterious Attitude
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2001-08-09 22:30:21 (UTC)

Wednesday Aug. 8, 2001

*Time: 5:27pm on Thursday Aug. 9,2001
*Wearing: A black silk nightgown
*Jewelry: Tha usual
*Hair: down messy
*Listenin to : the tv... I'm watching 106th and Park :)
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Song of the day : Let's Go Crazy-Prince... cuz Wednesday
was a krazy day
*Weather: It was hot az hell on Wednesday
*Talking to : no one
*Mood: I was pissed off in the mourning but happy after I
got off the phone with Kelly
*Thinking: Hehe.... damn I wish I wasn't with John cuz I
would go for Kelly...

I woke up at 4am on Wednesday cuz I had went to bed at
10:30pm... and people wonder why I go to sleep so late ... its cuz I
wake up way to early if I do... I got online at
around 6am... and at like 9 I think it was Adrian got
online ... which was soo not cool.... I was also talking to
Chris at the time ... well Adrian was trying to put a guilt trip on
my ass cuz I wouldn't give him a second chance ... so I basically
told him that I'm still in love with Jack ... which I am and that I
didn't like him like that cuz I love Jack to much ... it was crazy I
tell u... I was getting so pissed off at him... So was Chris cuz I
was telling her what he was saying ... she was going to cuss his ass
out lol but she didn't... I told Adrian that I could better explain
to him what I was trying to say on the phone....so we signed off and
I called him ... and what does his ass do? Not talk to me ... which
was pissed me off worse... I told him to quit feeling sorry for his
self and all this ... but in the end we got off the subject of him
wanting to be with me ... and I found out that he is bi-curious...
lol I was like damn ... lol U can only imagine how shocked I was....
well anywho I had to let him go cuz my mom wanted to use the
phone... and I went to go get ready cuz my mom wanted me to go to
the dentist with her ... well after I got ready I went to grams to
get my wallet ... and Jr was like here she is... I was like who is
it? He goes Joe... I was like ohh and I took the phone... Joe was
like what's up? I was like nothing just got out of the shower what
bout u? He was like nothing.. I just got out of jail ... and he was
telling me how it was and stuff ... then he asked me if he could come
over... I was like yeah but I have to ask my mom and u gotta ask your
mom... but in the end Renee didn't let him come over :(
But anywho my mom and I left at 12:50 so she could go to the
dentist ... then we just drove around for a while and then came
home... I jumped back online ... and ended up talking to, Kelly,
Amanda, Sam, Alfonso(ya baby), Alfonso's friend MJ, and a few other
peeps ... well at 4:30pm I asked Kelly if I could call her and she
was like yeah sure ... so we both signed off and I called her... We
talked until almost 8 my time.... hehe I was soo happy ... she sounds
really young tho but still hot az hell.... hehe she was flirting with
me tho...and I couldn't say anything cuz John would get mad at me but
believe me I was sooo tempted... but u know... she knew what I was
thinking hehe... the only reason I ended up hanging up with her was
cuz my mom wanted me to go with her sumwhere... I hated to hang up so
bad but hey I was going to have to sooner or later anyway....so I
hung up put my bra back on and got ready.... then waited outside for
my mom to come back... I was talking to my uncle while I was waiting
for her and he was giving me this long ass lecture bout him hoping
I'm not really bi... I was like well damn I told u I am...so I am
lol... them my mom pulled up and I went driving around with her until
9 sumthing that night... it feels go to spend time with my mom!!!!
But anywho I got home and feel asleep.... and at like 10:30pm Joe
called for me... I was like damn is he sick or sumthing? lol... He
was telling me how he was in the newspaper and I guess it was false
information... (He was in jail for speeding) I dunno tho... I haven't
talked to him today but I will probably call him in a little
while.... lol I was freaked out tho cuz he was calling me... which by
the way he also sounds hot az hell on the phone.... anywho I hung up
with him at like 11:00pm... and I jumped online for a few minutes ...
then went back to bed.... lol and I got up at 12pm... so that's bout
all for that day ... so I'm going to bizounce bye bye 4 now


Chris invited me, my mom,Daivd,and Andria to a block party ... and
my mom said I could go so yay baby!!! So I called Andria and she can
also go so we are going to have sum mad fun I know it!!!! I can't
wait till Saturday cuz that's when it is going to happen.... hehe
I'll be sure to tell u how it goes :) :) Hehe so that's all.... I'm
gone bye bye