The Story of Me
2001-08-09 22:24:41 (UTC)

Haven't written in awhile.

It's been a long time since I've written. There hasn't been
much to say. But today I guess there is some news, so I
thought that I would share it with the world. I went to the
doctors office and was diagnosed with depression. So I'm on
medication, and hopefully that will help me. And maybe now
I can be in a better mood and not be so snappy. By the
way...sorry to the people that I have snapped at lately.
I've had a pretty stressful summer, but now it's like this
big calm of relief. It's good to know that I am normal, and
that I can be treated. Of course there is a long haul of
regulating my medication, but at least I got help.

In other news...I hurt so badly. Kristy and Morgan are
teaching a dance workshop for two weeks, and I went to
watch it, but they made me dance with them. Holy hurt. I'm
definately not as flexible as I once was. But i did manage
to do the 3-way splits...I think I pulled something too,
and my legs feel like they are on fire. But it was fun, and
I didn't make too big of a fool out of myself :)

The weather is scorching!! It's like in the 100's with the
heat index. Too hot for upstate New York. So the AC in my
house is nice, until I step outside and want to die in the

College is starting up soon for everyone (except me)...I am
going to be so lonely here in town with everyone gone. Its
going to suck. But I am going up to Fredonia with Kristy,
and that should be a good time.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. I have to get going
to Kristy's for a bit. Her and her mom want to see me so we
can chat. Which of course means that they want a play-by-
play of what happened today at the doctors. But I don't
mind, there isn't much to tell. I'll try to write more often

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