Suzie Q

life with me
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2001-08-09 22:03:23 (UTC)

My puppy is finally home

I didn't go to school today. Although my reason for
not going was really stupid. See, I had a really fucked up
dream last night. At first I was at Deanne's house and she
was having this party, and BJ was there. At first I didn't
say anything to him, but then me and him started talking
and we made up and I told him I loved him. Anyhow, then we
walked outside in the back yard and I saw this really small
rocket fall and Deanne's house caught on fire. When I
turned around to go help everybody BJ had turned into
Allen. Even though I didn't turn around to see Allen I
knew it was him behind me instead of BJ. Then it was the
next day in my dream and Allen had never ran behind me and
I was worried about him so i went back to Deanne's burnt
down house and I saw his truck so I ran to it and he was
inside asleep. When i woke him up I realized that all of
his fingers on his left hand had been cut off. And that
the fire had really fucked him up. Then I woke up. By the
way, if anybody at all reads this diary, and has any
suggestions about what this dream may mean, please get in
touch with me. I guess I should explain who BJ is. He is
my ex-fiance. We were together from the time i was 14
until this past January. (2 months before my 17th b-day)
I've been thinking about him alot lately and I don't really
know why. I guess cause we've never been broke up for this
long before. two months at the longest. Plus everybody has
been telling me that he has been talking about me lately
when he gets drunk. But that is usual. All well. My dog,
Little man, came home today. He has been at the animal
hospital for the past 3 days. He had to have major
surgurey and have some of his intestines removed because of
a large bone that he tried to swallow. I'm so happy to
have him home. Me and Allen are fighting again. Mainly
because yesterday was our 2 month anniversary and he didn't
even come to see me. He only lives 5 minutes from my
house. And he didn't even call me until midnight last
night. Well, I guess that is about it for now.

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