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2002-10-30 19:44:19 (UTC)

October 30, 2002 11:33AM (Wednesday)

We got back from Shout Fest around 10PM last night. Oh
yeah, my sister ended up being able to come too. They
didn't just have one extra ticket, but they actually had
two. Anyways, it was fun. The music was good. I went rock
climbing with Delia. I was really fast but half way up like
an idiot I looked down and freaked out. I was like 'oh my
gosh I'm so high!' so I let myself come down. The lines
were so long for bungie jumping. Oh and by the way, it
wasn't what I had expected. When they said there would be
bungie jumping there I was expecting to jump at least 50
feet in the air by a rope tied to my ankles. lol! Let me
just say that I was a little disapointed. It was fun
though. I got my picture taken with one of the bands. Had
some pop corn and cotton candy. All in all it was fun. When
we got home my sister said she was surprised because they
didn't preach at her. I was like 'yeah, they're normal
people huh?.' Anyways, a part of me wants her to start
coming to church with me and all the other activites we do.
Another part of me doesn't though. I know that's wrong.
It's just that I'm still bitter about things she's done to
me since I've lived with her. Anyways, I'll write about
that later. I've gotta go take a shower and get dressed I
feel so grungie.