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2001-08-09 20:53:12 (UTC)

gee, this is fun

i haven't done much today, but i'm having a heck of a lot of
fun doin it. i really don't wanna go back to school cuz that
means that i don't get any time to myself anymore:( i wanna
see everyone and stuff like that, but that's what parties
and phones are for, right? my legs hurt! i was riding joe
last night and i fell off.....i did the splits. that hurt
really bad. maybe i shouldn't do that, but it's lotz of
fun!! i'm gonna get him trained so i can ride him like a
horse. he's already sorta trained. he turns when i pull on
the halter, but it'll take a while to get him really trained
good enough to ride him good. that can be my project. i'm
really sick of jake. he has too much energy today but he
won't do anything with it except bug me. i think i should
lock him in a closet or somethin. that sounds good to me.
i'm so glad that it's not so hot out today! rain is good.
then i don't hafta move the sprinklers for jack and joe's
pasture. i usually forget to do that and then i get in
trouble:( oh well, that's just too bad. i should go let the
animals out again to get some fresh grass. then i can ride
joe some more. that will be fun! i'm gonna do that.....after
i clean the house. woohoo-yay lotz of fun.