Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-10-30 18:15:25 (UTC)

Second Chance

Yesterday I found out two fabulous things regarding my
English class:

1. I can still do the essay I blew off for 50% credit.
Usually if people get a D or an F on a paper, she lets them
re-do it and averages the two scores together. Since my
first score was a 0, it'll turn out to be half off. That's
better than nothing. I explained to her that I didn't read
the 'fine print' in the syllabus that said EXCLUDING
ESSAYS. What I did read was that late assignments are
accepted at 10% off, and so I didn't go to class when the
essay was due, figuring I'd turn it in next time and get a
B. Then I saw the fine print a few days later, and decided
not to do it at all, since she wouldn't accept it. But I
decided to talk to her in the hopes that she'd give me a
second chance, and she did! Probably because I did such a
good job on all the other assignments. I just have to keep
that up. Okay, so...

2. I can do my final (an explication of poetry or song
lyrics) on my OWN poetry or song lyrics. I think I'm going
to play a song I wrote and then dissect it for the class.
The only problem is that my favorite, deepest, most well-
written songs are about being bisexual, and I don't know if
I have the balls to come out (ha ha) and do that in class.
But I'll try. I'll turn it into a statement about
acceptance at the same time. We'll see. Anyhow, it'll be
easier to explicate my own work.

Until next time!