HuMaN NatUre
2002-10-30 18:14:41 (UTC)

About Love??

I been reading other people's diary..
I find majority of the, abt love.. how people goes around
looking for the ONE..... Well I wish everybody luck in
that... I learnt that all of them had their hearts borken
at least once.. Man.. I know how it feels... Discribing it
in words would not do good... I heard this somewhere that
only humans and dolphin have sex for plesure... I don't
wish to know if thats true... but i see that love makes up
a big part of a life.... But i do wonder.. what love
really... feelings or sumthing more... Is it a butterfly
feeling in the stomach??... trust.. security.. or just two
people getting together... Why do all this... we don't have a
answer... I think this is more important than establish ideas in
books..... that we have to learnt ..... Ironic....

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