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2002-10-30 17:35:37 (UTC)

stop pretending you're not falling

so you want help. and understanding. and friendship. and
someone to care. and someone who will always be around
when you need.

i have told you as many times as i can. i'm not going
anywhere. i'm already here. but i can't help if you don't
let me.

it's your choice. you have to realize that.

and i know that this will not make you realize that. i'm
trying. really i am. i've called on you and you know
this. i've reached out. and you know this too.

i've reached out to you so many times. why won't you just
take my hand? i'm not asking you to trust me. just to let
me help. i'm not asking you to tell me anything. just to
let me listen. why won't you see this difference?

i know it's hard. please give it a chance though. just
one chance. one. please.

please take my hand.

i am an autumn leaf
turned from green
to yellow
to orange
to red
and now to brown
i am falling from my tree
to the ground
the cold hard ground
when i reach it
everything is over
my journey is at its end
i will lay there
with others scattered about me
and i will never see
the light of day
will i even know
that i have stopped falling
will i care
i am an autumn leaf