le soleil et la lune
2001-08-09 20:02:26 (UTC)

the first day back

So the first day back was JUST WONDERFUL. In case you
can't tell, I'm being a bit sarcastic. We had to sit in
the stadium for 15 minutes before Mr. Booth came and talked
to us. When he came, he tried to depress us by telling all
about these people who had died over the summer. I mean,
what a bright way to start of your senior year. Then I
found out that I'm not in a homeroom with Katie and Amanda
like I usually was, but CJ and Tiff were. In fact, my name
was the damn cut-off point. I was PISSED. But it's okay
because I am in there with Casey and Nathan, and Shena was
actually being nice today, so I don't think I'll have to
kill her. My 1st period psychology class is really small
and only meets 2 days a week which means that I don't have
to come until 2nd period Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
And none of the Forsyth tech classes start till August
21st, so I get to slack off for a while longer. However,
the down side is that the FT classes only count as a half
credit for high school.
2nd period went uneventfully except that I found out that
Brendan joined the AP class, and that Jenny had not dropped
out. I got my first little dose of being ignored in there,
but it really didn't bother me b/c I had Katie, and Casey,
and Amanda, and Tiffani to talk to.
3rd period I really found out what it was like to be
ignored though, b/c Katie was being ignored. I think the
only time CJ spoke to me was when we were putting the
portfolios together, and when he and I got into a mini
fight b/c he said I was being a bitch to him(nothing new,
that's how I am to everyone), and I told him that he was
being an asshole to me. ANd then we had a mini-stare down
which ended when Amber told us to be nice. I'm glad she
said something b/c I really don't want to be fighting with
my friends this year, but especially not on the first day.
I have discovered that I'm willing to change my views of
people that I held when I left. I think I'll be able to
not hate a couple people I did, and I think, actually that
I could be friends with a couple of them. But I think I
won't be able to deal with Cassidy. She didn't listen to a
single thing anyone said today so it all had to be repeated
for her, and she is really ditzy. I mean, how hard is it
to figure out why someone would want to buy more than one
ad to put in the paper? One for each issue, right? She
just couldn't seem to grasp that concept. And then CJ said
something to her, and she was like, " I don't say mother
fucker!" KT and I exchanged a look, and all of a sudden
Amber and CJ were both like, "I saw that". Well great,
call me out. I may not be able to deal with some stuff,
but I sure don't want to start anything.
4th period we sat around and did nothing b/c that was
another FT course. Mandy and Brendan are in my class, and
I found out today that boys ARE actually capable of
carrying out an intellectual conversation as teenagers. I
had never thought it possible. But anyway, I guess that's
all for now. I guess I'm not making a mistake by coming
back to South, I sure hope I'm not.

My goals for the year are to learn how to be ignored, and
accept it(b/c apparently that's what all my other friends
did last year), make really good grades, and try not to be
some judgemental.