all my shat
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2001-01-28 00:47:54 (UTC)

weird, i cried for a while the..

weird, i cried for a while the other day
cause I don't understand why I can
love someone so much and have it not be anything.
I miss you, Adam, and I just wish there was a reason for me
not to remember you the way I do, I wish I could be mad at
you or remember why we didn't work... It's a lot harder
knowing I still think you're the coolest.. and even harder
when you write stuff in your info about missing someone and
I want to think you write it for me, but then I remember
that you usually just write stuff, and it makes me want to
ask you but I don't want to look like an idiot thinking
it's me and it's not.

I screwed things up with aaron last night, and I knew I was
doing it and I don't know why I did, but now I'm realizing
that I really am a jerk to people...

"it's good for everybody to hurt somebody once in awhile...
the things I do to the people I love shouldn't be allowed."-

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