2002-10-30 13:12:35 (UTC)

Getting Ready for Winter

This morning I did Meals on Wheels. A delightful group of
ladies (and one gentleman). I enjoy working with them very

When I got home I made lunch for myself and John and then
baked a pumpkin pie. We're having chicken with vegetables
tonight so I'd defrosted the chicken early in the morning
and prepared the vegetables. The afternoon was clear but
cold but we cleaned up our potted garden and put flowers,
herbs and a few of the tomato plants in the greenhouse and
did some cleaing up.

I'd called John's mother to see when she wanted us to come
over to see the cousins and we went in the evening and had
a very pleasant visit. John's mother, as usual, dominated
the conversation which was unfortunate as John didn't have
the chance to say one word to his cousins. They said they
planned on coming back next summer though so maybe we'll
invite just them to our house and that will then give them
the chance to visit.

A very cold and clear night tonight. I'm grateful for a
good fire in the fireplace.

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