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2001-08-09 19:55:26 (UTC)

My Mary Kay Business Debut

This is probably going to be a bit of a rant... but oh well!
Today at 7pm I am supposed to be having my Business Debut
for Mary Kay. I just started my own business as an
Independant Beauty Consultant. Today is supposed to be my
party to introduce my friends to the products, but at this
point I don't even know if anyone will show up. I mean I'm
normally optimistic about things like this but it's hard to
stay that way if you invite 25 people, and only 1 is
definatly coming. If she shows up she definatly is getting
bonus points in my book. I have 8 maybes, but they might as
well be no's. It's not like I even want anyone to buy
anything.. I already have 9 customers waiting for their
orders to come in. I just don't want to look like a slaker
when Jean comes over to do the party. This is the only time
she will even be dong a party for me, the next time I will
do it and she will observe, after that it's all on me. I'm
not really worried about my ability to sell because I've
only met 1 girl so far that doesn't like Mary Kay... and
she only dislikes their Satin Hands because it gives her a
rash! She is one of the maybes. Anyway I got to go... Gotta
get ready for this thing even if it does fall thru.
till next time diary, Geny

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