Meshed Up
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2002-10-30 10:03:20 (UTC)

sister awake

it's always nice to have friends around. especially those
who can actually make you feel good about yourself.

well. so much for writing everyday. believe it or not i
actually cooked dinner for my visiting family last night.
told a friend about it...

C: guess what? i cooked dinner for my family!
J: are they still alive?

erk. well i do hope my cooking wasn't that bad.


sometimes it amazes me how much my younger sister has
grown. i'm not even sure if that's the right word.
maybe 'developed' would be a better term.

well she's definitely taller than me. prettier, and more
graceful in every sense. but then, it just struck me how
materialistic she has become.

she used to be a tomboy of some sort when it comes to
dressing. she wears loose shirts, loose pants, and hardly
ever asks for anything. she ties her hair back in a
ponytail everyday and wears glasses.

today, she doesn't wear loose shirts and loose pants. of
course they're more fitted. it's all part of being a girl.
the fitter your clothes are, the more girly and presentable
you look i suppose (with exceptions to sluts and hoochies).
she has rid herself of her glasses and wears contacts and
ties her hair in different ways. and she asks for or buys
quite a number of things.

she spent quite a large amount of money to get herself a
newer and flashier mobile phone. my dad gave her a very big
scolding and talked about how the money could've just gone
to something more worth it than a new phone because her old
phone was in perfect shape. but of course, what else can be
done? the phone was already bought. all my dad can do is
bitch about it to make himself feel better.

she buys something new every day, whether it be a new top,
a new pair of jeans, a new hair accessory, or whatnots. she
recently told me something after a long day of shopping.
she said, 'it's annoying. i went to sooo many stores today
and only bought two new tops.' i guess she wasn't satisfied.

well of course the next day she bought herself another pair
of jeans and another top. and a new pair of sunnies too.

don't get me wrong. i love my sister to bits. and she is
definitely a nice person. nicer than me that's for sure.
and she's more 'socially intelligent' (menguin 2002). so
don't let all this materialistic crap get to you.

is there anything wrong with being materialistic? i know a
friend of mine would tell me that there is absolutely
nothing wrong with being materialistic. but for me,
materialism is kinda...dodgy i guess.

i told chel about this and she said, 'oh no. the world has
taken over your sister. pity her!!! wink wink.'

well my mom has always been a materialistic person. i
suppose that's where my younger sis got those traits from.
after all, everything just runs in the family.

heh. i just suddenly had a mental picture of me being a
character in a movie. i'm the boring nerdy girl who ponders
over why her popular sister is so materialistic and pretty
and stuff like that. lol. and of course, some people (in
the movie in my mind) accuse boring lil ol me that i'm just
jealous. ooh ooh...sort of like daria! i'm daria and my sis
is quinn! lol. such stereotypes! and one of my closest
friend's name is jane too!! *rolls over laughing*

anyway *sobers up* it's time for me to sign out and get
back to writing my darn essay. grrr. i hate uni. i've got
to give it credit for trying my patience.