sheesh ya fuck
2002-10-30 07:58:59 (UTC)

my guts are staining evreything..

my guts are staining evreything around me
ive been scared, time is falling through me
the pictures of me are facing the walls
shes sleeping in her codine heaven next to his souless body
hes in the next sanctuary bleeding on his pillow weeping
silently while asleep
these walls are bouncing filth
cries of death
im scared.
i dont want to really know.
a persons eyes left alone
a persons soul left unreachable
draw me my bath
soo i..
can fill it with blood
filter it boiling..
i must be wrong
to cry like this
to scrape through the backsets with my fingernails
the sounds are going to leave you cold
the wall hangings leave you turning and checking
im tired