Pointless Dribble
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2002-10-30 07:57:20 (UTC)

Drama never ends

Why is it that everytime that I get drama out of my life
something new happens. I have decided I am God's personal
joke. Funny how karma always comes back to people. Why is
it that one day a gut can be completely into you and the
next day not be. I don't understand why guys have to be so
damn fickle about everything. Here later, all the guys I
know want to play the fuck them and leave them game. I'm
not into that. And I can't bring myself to being that
girl. Sometime I think it really sucks being a girl. Like
now, this guy I like goes around telling everyone in the
group how much he like me, to the point that it got back to
me. Now hat it is back to me he get back with this girl
that makes him unhappy. All they do is fight. But yet he
still wants me. Like I the type to let him have his cake
and eat it too! I almost feel like I should feel bad for
not giving into the temption. Most guys I can put up a
wall with. I usually don't let them close to me. Whats
the point...right...they are only going to break you
heart. But not him! No gaurd is up with him. He is
already within my heart. He's a friend. He's seems to be
everything that I am looking for. Purely an amazing guy.
Except that he's too nice. So far, from what I heard,he is
only with her still because he doesnt want to hurt her. Bu,
I dont think she cares that she hurts him. I'd never hurt
him. I would rather die than to hurt someone I care so
much about. But as it looks like...I wouldn't get a chance
to anyways. He is stuck in rutine. The only thing that
comes to mind as I'm getting tired is what one friend
always tells me... "No man is worth your tears, and the
one that is will never make you cry."
Lots of Love,

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